Welcome to BRISSWEB, the home of the Maryland Revolving Field Monitor (MRFM). The MRFM is a unique head and binocular eye movement recording instrument. It was developed over a 24-year period in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, 20742-4411, U.S.A. 

      The MRFM makes it possible to record, and subsequently to observe, the way  binocular gaze is controlled by human beings as they perform natural, visually-guided tasks that require finding, reaching for, and manipulating nearby objects . 

      This instrument was developed in collaboration with the Electronics Development Group of our Department of Physics and Astronomy. Funding was provided initially by NSF and then by NIH. The Directorate of Chemistry and Life Sciences of AFOSR funded its completion and use for basic research since 1990. 

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